📣 Own Your Worth Speaker Spotlight: 💥Molly Carmel💥has dedicated her entire life to helping COUNTLESS people just like you heal your unhealthy relationship with food. All of her courses, coaching and events are crafted with one thing in mind: Helping you discover your most authentic self and live your very best life. The one you DESERVE.



Molly is fiercely devoted to helping you find freedom in every area of your life.

Molly Carmel, LCSW is a leading addiction and eating disorder therapist and founder of Beacon by MC - and which offers individual and group solutions to help people break free from their destructive relationships with food and dieting. Known for her irreverent, “straight talk, no chaser” attitude, she’s also the author of the innovative book, Breaking Up with Sugar: A Plan to Divorce the Diets, Drop the Pounds, and Live Your Best Life and the host of the podcast, What You're Craving.

I am FIERCELY devoted to helping you find freedom. Whether that’s freedom from your negative thought patterns, freedom from an unhealthy relationship with food and body, or a freedom you just can’t seem to put your finger on, but KNOW something is holding you back – I’m your GAL.

Get ready to meet your new bff, cheerleader, guide, coach – basically your fairy godmother – I’m here to help you to rewire your mind, shift your beliefs and move your body and sprit to UPLEVEL you into the BEST version of yourself.

Molly is fiercely devoted to helping people break free of their destructive relationship with food, dieting, and negative body image to create the big beautiful lives they deserve. After battling an eating disorder for over 20 years and finding no solution in available treatment, she began to trailblaze her professional path, obsessed with helping people find real and sustainable healing. She’s never looked back.

Molly has extensive training in Substance Use, Eating Disorders and is intensively in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Recognizing the limitations of a “brain-only” approach in treating complex issues like addiction and eating disorders, she is also a trained Shaman, Reiki healer, a certified Tibetan bowl singing practitioner, certified in BREATHE breathwork, a dedicated devotee of daily meditation, and a certified intenSati instructor – which she will be teaching us at the OYW experience!!

Molly’s work has been featured on The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Dateline NBC, Anderson Cooper 360, and Extreme Makeover as well as in People Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. She’s been a guest on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, Keeping it Real with Jillian Michaels, and Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning.