📣 Own Your Worth Speaker Spotlight: 💥Joelle Jarvis💥is a high-level coach helping women breakthrough to a different level of certainty and fulfillment. Her philanthropic projects include ending global hunger and food insecurity, as well as having run a 501c3 foundation, Corps of Compassion, after Hurricane Katrina, and winning non-profit of the year by the Las Vegas Review Journal.



High-level coach, Co-founder of 100 Billion Meals Challenge with Tony Robbins

Joelle Jarvis is the founder of Mindset Partnership, a high-level strategic coaching organization. She is also a co-founder of the 100 Billion Meals Challenge, with the visionary leadership of Tony Robbins and the inspirational collaboration of Ed Martin and Scott Lewis of the 5th Element Group. Joelle is also the managing member of the Family Office Association Resource Council, helping to bring the latest in insights, innovation, perspectives and opportunity to some of the world’s most influential and prominent families.

Joelle has been a strategic coach for over 30 years, personally coaching partners in some of the world’s top venture capital and private equity firms, founders and other top tier executive, family office executives and entrepreneurs who have collectively more than $250 billion in assets under management.


Mindset Partnership creates programs specifically designed for exceptional leaders, many of whom are responsible for maintaining the integrity of significant investments, reassuring their investors, inspiring founders, managing a Family Office, as well as maintaining sanity, stability, and balance in their personal lives.


All of her training and experience has been put to the test in real life to create resiliency in adversity after losing her husband at 34 and becoming a widowed single mom to her now 23-year-old son, Jackson.


“My life has been a story of highs and lows. What I’ve learned is that while you can’t control what happens, what you can control is your attitude and what you do to respond and recover.”

-Super lucky mom of Jackson, Joelle 🙂