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 MARCH 31 – APRIL 1, 2023

Join women from all over the globe as Loren Lahav hosts this incredible high energy 2-day in-person and virtual immersion for building your wealth, owning your worth and growing your life.


One of the missions we have chosen to support during the Own Your Worth event experience is the 100 Billion Meals Challenge. We are honored to be an official contributor as we are committing to contribute 5,000 meals as part of our focused effort for giving back globally beyond our local Contribution Day in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 2, 2023.


Girl, It’s time to step into your worth!

There will never be more time.


Are you tired of being the underdog and playing small, but money worries are holding you back?

We get it – because we’ve been there!

We’ve been in the place where we had a dream – a vision– but we got sucked back into the day-to-day distractions of life…


…until we decided to stop playing small, own our worth, and commit to our missions!

Experience empowered women empowering women!

This is for women looking for the next level of growth.

From ages 8 – 88, you’ll have a community of women to rally around you and support you by providing the inspiration, tools, strategies and systems to OWN YOUR WORTHand take your life to the next level.


It's Time to Reclaim Your Mind, Money and Mission

2 Days Packed with equal parts celebration and education!

  • Connection

    Our challenges and circumstances may look different but we all have a desire to be more, do more, accomplish more, and give more. Join other badass women, just like yourself, who are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and step into their worth..

  • Education

    Leave with the inspiration, support, tools and skills you need to build personal and financial security so you can have a life filled with security, joy, and passion – which is LIVING WELLthy™!

  • Celebration

    Celebrate with award winning speakers who have come before you to create the lives of their dreams. Hear from these dynamic women who are changing the narrative as they own their relationship with power and intention and are leading the way with confidence, joy and authenticity.

  • Intention

    Gain the clarity needed so you can reclaim your mind, money and mission! Leave with the commitment and know-how to implement everything you'll learn so you can live your life with intention and achieve all the success you desire!

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Here's a Sneak Peek

What's Included in the Own Your Worth Experience

You are not alone!

You will be welcomed into a community of women who will help guide you to create certainty for your life in an uncertain world.

Breakout Rooms

Collaborate in smaller groups, engage in activity and boost productivity to all of what you'll be learning.

Expert Panels

Experts from a variety of career tracks will share their advice, tools and tips you can implement into your own life.

Stories & Strategies

Learn from those who have been where you are, but found the strategies needed to OWN THEIR WORTH and level up their lives.


All access pass to Loren Lahav's "Manifest Your Magnificence" class - valued at $495.


All Access Pass to Dawn Dahlby's "Advance It" program - valued at $2760


Special access coupons from our sponsors - valued at $500+. Plus your chance to win from over $10,000 worth of prizes!

Special bonuses for all in-person attendees

  • Welcome & Awards Receptions*

  • Welcome Gift Bags

  • Massive Goodie Bags* & Surprise Activites

  • Speakers Meet & Greet*

  • Lunch included daily

*VIP attendees only

Early bird discount for a limited time



It’s time to reclaim your mind, money, and mission!


Meet Our Speakers

Loren Lahav

Loren Lahav

OYW Founder, International Speaker, Author, Transformation Coach
    Dawn Dahlby

    Dawn Dahlby

    Wealth Wellness Expert, Founder and CEO of a multi-million-dollar advisory firm
      Kathy Buckley

      Kathy Buckley

      Award-winning Actress, Speaker & Hearing-impaired Comedian
        Molly Carmel

        Molly Carmel

        Addictions and Eating Disorder Therapist, Founder and Treatment Developer of Beacon by MC
          Lucy Doughty

          Lucy Doughty

          Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Designer, Champion for Women's and Children's Causes
            Stacy McCarthy

            Stacy McCarthy

            All American Swimmer, World Champion Freestyle Frisbee player
              Dr. Shefali

              Dr. Shefali

              Acclaimed Author, International Speaker, Clinical Psychologist, Wisdom Teacher
                Jennifer Steinman

                Jennifer Steinman

                Award-winning Director, Producer, and Editor

                  EMBRACE. EMPOWER. ENGAGE.

                  Inspirational Women

                  From all walks of life - hear from celebrities to everyday badass women who are leaving their mark on the world because they ultimately found success by having a growth mindset and developing mental toughness. They've walked in your shoes and have learned none of us achieves success on our own. Together we are stronger. Together we can learn to OWN OUR WORTH.

                  WHAT TO EXPECT

                  Own Your Worth Experience


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                  YOUR CHANCE

                  This is your chance to stop playing small right now.

                  You get to become the WELLthy™ woman you’ve only ever dreamed of being.

                  You deserve to invest some time in YOURSELF.

                  You deserve to put something on your calendar because you CHOOSE to, not because you have to.

                  You deserve the opportunity to drop the struggle and create a WELLthy™ life.

                  Don’t let fear get in the way of joining us for this life changing event!

                  Ask yourself:

                  How can I use this to help me remember I am MORE than my pain?

                  How can I use this to reclaim my power and make a lasting shift in my life?

                  How can I use this to be able to help others?

                  How do I want to be seen in the world?

                  You will be in good company!

                  Meet the Founder of OYW

                  LOREN LAHAV

                  LOREN LAHAV

                  International speaker. Author. Transformation coach

                    Loren is an International Thought Leader, producer, mom, wife, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Loren has spoken to live audiences of tens of thousands and recently captivated a group of 160,000 on Zoom. Classy, brassy, and poised, Loren has shared the stage with notable and celebrated luminaries such as Barbara Walters, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mike Rowe, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Erin Brockovich, Campbell Brown, Robert Herjavec, Bear Grylls, Eric Worre and Jean Chatsky. Driven by her passion to empower women of all ages from of all walks of life, Loren has created a platform through her products – including her books which have been distributed worldwide – TV, documentary, online resources, and live and virtual events.

                    OUR VALUED SPONSORS

                    The support of our sponsors is what makes the Own Your Worth event, and the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of women, possible!

                    Do you ever wish you would’ve had women in your life not only telling you that you can be and have anything you wanted, but demonstrating that for you?


                    This is the chance for you to give that to the girls in your life – when you bring them along to this once-in-a-lifetime event!


                    Celebrating women ages 8-88!


                    Bring your friends, daughters, granddaughters, big and little sisters, nieces – ALL the girls in your life! Tickets are flying fast- so make sure to claim your spot, and your worth, by clicking the button below!

                    Limited tickets available. Hurry up and secure yours!